How a Shopping Cart Website Works

Your Shopping Cart will be built on one of the most popular foundations available. Thousands of successful web shops have been built on this feature rich core. Here are some of the features that make it such a success.

  • Allows customers to shop your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Easily keep your products/catalog updated - no HTML coding required to add, delete, or modify products.
  • Secure - no one but your administrative personnel can access your customer/catalog data.
  • Merchandise Pricing options - single and multiple items can be put on sale.
  • Products can be marked as free or Call for Price.
  • Products can be marked as Featured for specific highlighting/attention.
  • Attributes can show image/color swatches.
  • Entire categories of products (or individual products) can be enabled/disabled with just a few clicks.
  • Email addresses are protected from abuse, as they are not displayed on-screen.
  • Nearly every piece of information about your products can be controlled, giving you the ability to fine-tune how your products and services appear to your customers.
  • Multiple items can be added to the shopping cart by simply entering quantities and clicking Add.
  • The product type feature allows you to customize information fields and display format for different products differently. Products for sale vs. documents for viewing, vs. music downloads, and the list goes on.
  • You can add multiple images to your products, in small/medium/large format.
  • Showcase - you can set your store up to be simply a product showcase, without pricing at all.
  • Search options allow you to search for products based on name, description, metatags, price, and more.
  • Automatic detection of search engine spiders.
  • Tight security on password handling, login/logout, and more.
  • Email archiving supported for audit trail.
  • Advertising banners - show information about your business colleagues and track banner link activity.
  • Shipping estimator allows your customer to get an idea of their shipping costs prior to checkout.
  • Coupons and gift certificates are easily handled both by customers and administrators.
  • Customer group pricing allows groups of users to receive a set discount amount at checkout.
  • Newsletter and product notification systems.
  • Tax rates, tax zones, etc easily configured in the Admin area.
  • PayPal™ IPN and many other popular merchant services supported.
  • Customers can write product reviews (approvals can be required by an Administrator).
  • Scalable from small shops to larger shops with hundreds of thousands of products.
  • Track who's online interactively.
  • Multiple language & currency support.


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